Waratah Wellness Hypnotherapy & Coaching

“There’s now a sense of worth, beauty, calm and joy in the more simpler moments.”

“I think the biggest thing for me has been the whole realisation that this is my life.”

“Our session, really sort of blew my mind a little bit, I realised I am determining my life now.”

“I now challenge the crappier invasive thoughts.”

“I can see that the changes in my self-esteem have had a ripple effect with my eating and nutrition that has been really good.”

“Deb from Waratah Wellness helped guide me through a crucial time in my life where support and connection were much needed. Her wholistic approach to wellness-coaching has opened many new doors in my life and given me a fresh direction. I highly recommend Deb’s expertise to anyone seeking guidance from an experienced and intuitive healer.” xx
Dana V.
Designer/ Creative/ Small Business Owner
Vic, Australia
"I recommend Deb to anyone who is feeling a bit lost with managing their health and needs some direction and motivation making positive changes. Deb can help you uncover what might be going on for you and habits you’d like to change. She is patient and kind in her style as she works with you to help move towards your set goals."
Genevieve W.
Careers Coach
“The opportunity to work with Deb came perfectly timed when I was overwhelmed by most aspects of my life and had no idea of where or how to start to untangle. Deb’s advice comes from a wide breadth of learning and experience and was integral in helping me find the ends of a few threads to begin undoing the tight, messy knot I’d wound myself into! Highly recommend a health coaching session with Deb from Waratah Wellness.”
Julie M.
Creative /Textiles/ Small Business Owner
“Spending time with Deb is like being on retreat. The intense nurturing she packs into an hour’s session sets me up for several days and I value her feminine wisdom. She creates a beautiful calm atmosphere which allows for deep grounding to take place. I always leave her feeling truly nourished and cared for, reconnected to myself and my needs, focussed and balanced. Love xxxxx”
Liz M.
Money Coach
"Deb has been instrumental in helping to elevate my own progress in becoming a health coach as well as giving me unending support in achieving my day to day goals. She has a unique ability to assist me in being reflective of my decisions and tends to nail the underlying reasons why I do the things I do. Deb’s invested interest in my goals means she celebrates along with me during my small wins and encourages me to be the best I can be, never doubting my ability to push through my own barriers of fear. Deb is a kind, compassionate, genuine and understanding coach who I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to shine a light on their own magic.” x
Cherie G.
Health Coach/ Yoga Teacher/ Design & Marketing
"When I sought help from Deb, I had lost touch with an internal clarity around my worth and value, feeling burnt out through prioritising other people or other people’s opinions of myself before my own. I had not much knowledge about hypnotherapy but I decided to work with Deb because I felt that support in changing dialogues and tapping into a place of calm and clarity would help me. I’m so glad I did because now I feel more connected to my inner truth and value and able to take the time for myself and more quickly enter a place of calm.”
Vic, Australia
"In my sessions with Deb I learnt a lot about myself and how to navigate feelings, thoughts & limitations and find time to so within a busy lifestyle, by using clear strategies to reach my goals. Deb provided me with simple techniques to manage stress, prioritise self care, and implement effective techniques to bring positive change to my life.”
Cat N.
Pilates Studio Owner
Vic, Australia
'I recently had an amazing, highly successful RTT session with Deb. Deb is a highly intuitive, skilled and caring therapist who quickly got to the root cause of the issue and totally transformed my confidence. Deb understood exactly what to do and gently guided me into a place of peace and resolve. I feel so empowered and motivated to move forward in life with a new sense of understanding, self love and confidence. Thank you so much Deb. Best therapy session ever."
Deb g.
Sydney, Australia